TrollPhace Works With Local Vape Shop To Release “BAJA BLAST” E-juice

Trollphace Baja Blast Vape Juice

The bearded DJ legend, TrollPhace has hundreds of music fans and digital smokers across internet excited for his newest signature e-juice line he calls “TROLLJUICE”. Highly spoken about and anticipated for months, a company named V8P Bar located in Atlanta, GA has teamed up with Mr. TrollPhace to bring three different types of exclusive juices, one of which inspired by Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast:

Baja B0:55 – Baja Blast
Kilt – Butterscotch & Irish Cream
The Bae – Piña Colada

TrollPhace also indicates:

Proof of purchase messaged to this page comes with free music! Spread the word my fellow vapers!

TrollPhace Kilt

Surely, a neat additional gift of reputable free music included with a seemingly unique product. Vaper or non-vaper, this is extremely awesome. Give it a try and let us know how it work out!

You can purchase this product online exclusively via

SNAILS & heRobust – Pump This : Electro/Big Room

pump this


Now, it’s not every day that you’ll see me posting about big room house, but this massive track from SNAILS and heRobust is going to have to change my mindset. The track, now out on the gigantic label OWSLA, combines features of big room, electro, and the sound design sounded like it could fit into a massive dubstep track. The percussive elements during the drop help to add life to the track along with the main synth reverberating around your speakers and glitchy electro stabs. I personally hope that this is where big room will eventually go – if it does, I’m completely sold.

SNAILS and heRobust – Pump This: Beatport

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Launchpad Expert, M4SONIC Releases Official “Chaos” Video


YouTube Launchpad sensation, M4SONIC unleashes his latest official video for his track, “Chaos” via Ultra Music. The track “Chaos” is taken directly from the three track “M4 EP” currently available on Beatport and iTunes. The other tracks include “Virus” and “Weapon 2.0″, both already featured with Live Mashup videos on M4SONIC’s YouTube channel. Check out the handy work of this game changing controller work below!

M4SONIC – M4 EP: Buy It Now on iTunes

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Kv9 – Spirit of The Forces : Drumstep/Dubstep/Brostep

kv9 spirit of the forces


Before a few days I ago, I hadn’t heard anything from Kv9- and I was missing out on a lot. He’s recently released a mind-blowing remix of Interruption by VMP and Jiqui, a track entitled Tarantula which was released in the newest Bass for Autism album, and of course the track being written about now, Spirit of The Forces. This track is absolutely monstrous- the growls and other basses combine in a perfectly layered fashion, along with the well-constructed percussion and vocal samples. All of these elements combined with a mysterious and somewhat dreadful opening form a track to be remembered, and an artist to watch as well.

Kv9 – Spirit of The Forces: FREE DOWNLOAD

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[BREAKING] Soundcloud Will Now Feature Advertisements | Drop the Bassline

On Soundcloud

Just minutes ago, the world’s largest community of artists, aka Soundcloud has officially launched their “Premium” service entitled “On Soundcloud”. This will be the new top tier to their website above partner (free), pro (paid), and pro unlimited (paid) services. For the time being, it seems this premium service will be INVITE ONLY although you can sign up HERE to be one of the first to be invited when the program is open to the community. Additional services included when going “Premium” include revenue streaming, promoted content, account management support, comprehensive stats and more.

In light of this announcement, Soundcloud’s Founder and CEO, Alex Ljung released a letter statement via their blog:

At the Premier partner level, creators will have the opportunity to make money from their tracks through advertising. It also includes Pro features and more benefits. At launch, entry to the Premier tier is by invitation. Monetization occurs only on content when it’s played in the US. We’ll open up the program to more creators and more countries as fast as we can.

The introduction of advertising is an important step for creators. Every time you see or hear an ad, an artist gets paid. If you’re in the US, you’ll start to experience occasional ads from our brand partners. We’re bringing ads on gradually. In addition to supporting creators, ads will keep the service free and open for people to listen to SoundCloud.

Well, make your own opinions. Do you think this will be the end of Soundcloud like thousands of others do or will it be the best move they’ve ever made? Read more below or at

On Soundcloud Letter

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Did Flo Rida Just Rip Off Lookas? [UPDATED]


It seems that every track Flo Rida releases is a rip off of someone else’s work. Prior to this, he tried to jack The Chainsmokers with his single “Photoboming”, but this time he’s targeting even smaller producers to rob them of their hard work. His newest single with Sage The Gemini “Going Down For Real” sounds identical to the drop of LooKas‘ remix of “Low Rider”. The similarities are uncanny, so Flo better watch out for a shitstorm coming his way. Take a listen for yourself by streaming both tracks below.


Flo Rida & Sage The Gemini – GDFR (Going Down For Real)


War – Low Rider (Lookas Remix)

Source: Fist In The Air

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GTA – Cake [Free Download]: #DeathToGenres In Huge Hybrid Record


GTA, comprised of Van Toth & JWLS, never fail to impress us. Their getting ready to embark on many tours, so what better time to release a freebie than now? Their #DeathToGenres attitude means they give no fucks about sticking to one BPM. This is apparent in the Rick Ross sampling “Cake”, which transforms from a tribal house track to a poppin twerk record. All you DJs out there better pick this up for a sick 128 to 100 BPM live tool. Here’s what the duo had to say about the track and their upcoming plans:

Yo guys this summer has been amazing, so happy to have played for so many of you all. We’re getting ready to launch our party series, GOOD TIMES AHEAD, finish up our next EP, and go on the Skrillex and Flosstradamus tours. We hope you all continue to support us, in the meantime here’s a free track for all of you.#DeathToGenres #CAKEGTA

GTA – Cake: Free Download

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BloodThinnerz – SMOG Podcast 021 [Free Download]: Huge 50 Minute Dubstep Mix


SMOG Records are on some next level madness this year. We’re here featuring nearly all of their releases, yet it’s there new found love of underground dubstep (I’m not calling it “Riddim”) that’s captivated our attention. Last month they dropped a huge mix from Dubloadz ahead of his “Jugular EP”, and for the next edition of their podcast series they hire LA duo BloodThinnerz for 50 minutes of pure dubplate madness. There’s no name for Aero and Manimosity’s SMOG EP, all we known is that the first track of this mix will be featured on it. The pair are masters of chops and double drops, so prepare to rave as you press play on this massive mixtape. Peep the full tracklist after the jump.

BloodThinnerz – SMOG Podcast 021: Free Download

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Skrillex Releases Mothership Tour 2014 Recap Video

skrillex mt

After another successful, sold out “Mothership Tour”, Skrillex & Friends recap with this amazing seven and a half minute video. Besides the crazy visuals (edited by Jas Davis) and experiences the group encounter, what’s even more intriguing as a dubstep blogger is that the OWSLA boss used Megalodon & JuJu’s “Eine Fette Party” as a background track. The underground styles are being pushed ever more into the mainstream, and that’s something that will continue to happen throughout the rest of the year. Watch the video below, also featuring music from Valentino Kahn and What So Not.

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The Paradox Theory, Dflent, Gate, And Sefaro – Overcast (Ft. Thrixe): Electro/Complextro

paradox theory revolution

If you’ve heard anything released by The Paradox Theory before, youll probably know why I’m posting this track. He’s previously released astounding electro and complextro tracks such as his remix of Overview by Monkey Freakz ft. Dirty Zblu and his remix of Find You by Zedd. With his new Revolution EP out, I believe I can speak for most of us here, he’s still keeping up his standard of excellence. I was blown away by the technique used in Overcast, which was a massive collab between him, Dflent, Gate, Sefaro, and Thrixe. The synth design was impeccable and the layering turned out even better- but, I’ll let the music do the talking instead of me.

“Overcast”: Free Download

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