DTB Mashup Monday | 011


Today we have a huge “Mashup Monday” feature with tracks from 3LAU, DJ AA, Yaz Beatz, Shooter McNappin, Koyote, Leeya, Frail Limb Purity, Balter, remix packages from Clockwork & 1DAFUL and a massive 78-track live mashup from Didrick to celebrate Monstercat’s 3rd anniversary.

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DTB Mashup Monday 011: Free Downloads


Clockwork – 200K Bootleg Pack: Free Download


1DAFUL – #DICKGRAZE Bootleg Pack: Free Download

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Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive (Volant Remix) [Free Download]: Huge Chillstep Remix of Mirror’s Edge OST


As a YouTube channel one of the most prominent audiences that make up our fanbase are the gaming community. We get countless messages from people asking if they can use our music in their videos (the answer is always ask the artists for permission), and it’s great to see the way EDM and gaming channels intertwine. But it’s time we got past 8-bit influences and actually went all out with an OST remix.

After winning back to back remix competitions for Astronaut and Au5, Volant is a guy to keep you eye on. Taking Lisa Miskovsky’s “Still Alive” from the 2009 Mirror’s Edge soundtrack, he spices it up with pleasant melodies accompanied with subtle gritty dubstep growls. You can download this for absolutely no cost whatsoever ever, so no excuses on why you shouldn’t have your own copy!

Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive (Volant Remix): Free Download

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Revolvr & Genisis Ft. Splitbreed – Unstoppable (PIXL Remix) : Gigantic Electro


On a crappy Monday, the feeling of coming back home to an unexpected PIXL release is incomparable to anything else. If you don’t already know him, PIXL is an artist on the massive record label, Monstercat Media. But with this remix, he and two other Monstercat artists, Au5 and Aero Chord, are releasing on Simplify Recordings, as that is where the original track was released. Now to move away from the boring release facts, and move on to how astounding this track was. Combining his classic electro and dubstep elements into a moombahcore style track, he achieved everything he could have with this track. Splitbreed‘s vocals fit perfectly with the gritty growls and massive wobbles, forming a stunning track- but don’t listen to me, take a listen to the track itself, and snag it on Beatport while you’re at it.

Revolvr & Genisis Ft. Splitbreed – Unstoppable (PIXL Remix): Beatport

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BISHU – Standby [UNBORN]: Bouncy Twerk Banger


Anther Monday, another UNBORN release. We here at DTB love their business model of releasing all their music as free downloads (in return for a meager social media follow), which has subsequently lead to the label dominating the servers of Soundcloud. Practically launching the career of Canadian BISHU, his slew of releases on the label has established himself as a “one to watch” out for in the future. “Standby” is one of the weirdest twerk tracks out, taking an array of complex synths and laying them over a bouncing 100 BPM beat. Take a listen for yourself below and snag your copy whilst you’re at it.

BISHU – Standby: Free Download

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Sikdope ft. Ash Riser – Never Wanna Leave (Ash Riser VIP) [Free Download]: Must Hear Hardtyle / Trap Hyrbid

ash riser

Once again the worlds of hardstyle and trap merge together for some hybrid madness. Ash Riser takes his collab with Sikdope and gives it the VIP treatment, adding booming synths and raw kicks that compliment his lyrics with ease. I can’t think of a better way to cure those Monday blues than a free download of a dope track, so be sure to hit Ash up on Twitter and send him your thanks.

Sikdope ft. Ash Riser – Never Wanna Leave (Ash Riser VIP): Free Download

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Candyland Release “Breathless” Remix EP ft. Synchronice, Victor Niglio, Far Too Loud & More


Ethan & Josie, better known as Candyland, are about to embark on (another) huge tour across North America during the Octber and November months. To gets fans ready for their show, they’ve revived their anthemetic electro single “Breathless” and given it the proper remix treatment from 7 brilliant artists.

Opening the bill is a heavy rendition from Never Say Die signee Far Too Loud, who juxtaposes the uplifting vocals of Michelle Quezada with a filthy complextro drop. There a 3 progressive house takes that feature, including brothers Synchronice, Kaj Melsen & Victor Niglio. The latter is by far my favourite, who enlisted friend Amenzo to create vibrant breakdowns whilst the drop demolishes festivals with a heavy reworking. Bringing a whole new vibe to the table are Chicago duo Regulators, who decided they’d inject “Breathless” with a heavy dose of 808s and test it to the maximum point of breaking whilst still keeping the smoothness of the original intact. If mid-tempo is your thing, mysterious outfit The Kingdumb will have you dancing when you hear their concoction of moobahton / glitch hop / dancehall. Grab the “Breathless Remixes” on Beatport now via Canyland’s very own Sweet Shop Records.

Candyland – Breathless Remixes: Beatport

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Midnight Tyrannosaurus Releases Free EP in Celebration of 9K Likes

mid t

Even the name Midnight Tyrannosaurus conjures up images of ginormous dinosaurs thumping across dense jungle area, destroying everything in their path. That’s exactly what his music sounds like, with gnarly dubstep bassline pounding through every track. Midnight T has just reached the milestone of 9,000 Facebook likes, and in return he’s gifted us with a 4 track EP, for FREE! Featuring collaborations with MuK, Deemed and originals such as “No Man’s Land 2014″, you don’t want to miss out on this package.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus – 9K FREE EPASAURUS: Free Download

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MitiS ft. Crywolf – Oasis (Vocal Mix) [BORN]: Must Hear Melodic Dubstep


MitiS & Crywolf are gearing up for their Oasis Tour, so it seemed appropriate for the two to work together musically. Arguably the most talented producers in the Chillstep genre, having them team up could only create something that’s epic. “Oasis” is a powerful record with vibrant melodies booming over tight knit percussion. Crywolf’s vocals give it a deeper meaning than just your typical club banger, and this is set to make waves when their EP  drops September 30th on BORN Records. Stream below and check out their full tour dates after the jump, also featuring Bear Grillz & Skrux.

MitiS ft. Crywolf – Oasis (Vocal Mix): Out September 30th

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Tour Dates

Draper – Perspectives EP [Monstercat]: Diverse Melodic Release


There are some record labels that have such an eye for talent and good music that I find I’m posting their whole catalogue. Firepower, Kannibalen & Monstercat all fall under this category. The latter have a dedicated promise to bring us 3 releases every week, on top of their compilation albums and podcasts. How do they do it?

Before even delving into Draper’s 4-track EP, the artwork itself reflects the mindset you need to be in. It represents a “Rorschach” (ink blot) test, where everybody has their own unique take on what they see. Opening up “Perspectives” is a deep house number featuring the vocal talents of Alby Hobbs. With it’s shimmering piano melodies and soothing basslines, it’s the Summer anthem we’re getting in September. Upping up the tempo quite a bit is “Joyride”, a flurry of video game melodies intertwined over liquid DnB breakbeats. Draper isn’t afraid to show of his skills, with each track boasting a new genre. You can vibe along to the melancholy “Coloured Glass” or head nod in approval to the vibrant glitch hope of “New Rules”. Whichever way you look at it, “Perspectives” has something for everyone for every mood.

Draper – Perspectives EP: Beatport | iTunes

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[DTB Interview] Barely Alive Talk iPhone App, Tours and New Single “Shudder”

barely alive

Can anybody stop Barely Alive’s roll? The answer is no. The duo have been up and running for just over 12 months now, yet their current following seems as if they’ve been at it for several years. A handful of EPs on Disciple Recordings has set them apart from the rest and has garnered them the status of fan favourites, rapidly growling into a dubstep powerhouse. Their new single “Shudder” is a throwback to the sound of ’80s jungle and acid house, but the drop displays their signature bass growls and gritty synthesis. It will be released September 17th as part of the “Disciple Alliance EP Vol. 1″, so make sure you grab that when it’s available. We got a chance to ask the duo about their meteoric success in our exclusive interview, which you can check out after the jump!

Barely Alive – Shudder ft. Coppa: Out September 17th

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Exclusive Interview